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Combo Pack Blends
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Combo Pack Blends

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This Combo Pack includes 6x250g  of one each of the following amazing coffees.

1. Angels' Brew Medium Roast - Angels Brew is our signature blend crafted from carefully roasted washed Colombian and natural process Brazilian and Ethiopian beans. The natural process beans add a pleasant sweetness to the blend that combined with the fruity acidity of the Ethiopian beans and the dark chocolate undertones of the Colombian beans creates an amazing coffee that makes unbelievable espresso based coffees. This blend is our best seller and makes fans out of almost everyone that tastes it.

2. Dark Angel's Brew - This coffee is identical to the Angel's Brew but one of the coffees in the blend is roasted a little darker than the rest for an extra litlle bit of punch. Suitable for any type of brew but works particularly well in a plunger or in a Bean to Cup machine.

3. St.Anastacia - This blend was developed for those enjoying the slightly darker roasts that we have an offer. We did something unusual(for us) by roasting the Ethiopian coffee on the darker side to cut back on the traditional acidity of Ethiopian Coffees and bringing out some chocolatey notes and then blending it with a medium roast Brazilian Coffee for some soft creamy body and a hint of nuttiness.This coffee is recommended for filter & plunger brews and Bean to cup machines

4. Tango in the Twilight - This coffee is delicious tango of the flavours of a medium roast Brazil Barbosa Gold and a dark roast Uganda Bugisu. Flavour notes of honey and nuts can be found in this coffee. This coffee is definitely a medium strength coffee and can be enjoyed in any way but does create a delicious cappuccino and espresso.

5. Cafe Doble - A delicious blend created with a medium roast Brazil and dark roast Colombian.  Exceptional in plungers, filters and other drip brew methods. 

6. Troika-This coffee is a blend of a Dark Colombian, Dark Roast Uganda and a Medium roast unwashed Ethiopian. Full bodied and smooth with a beautiful rich flavour. This coffee makes a delicious milk based coffee (Latte, cappuccino etc) but is also delicious as a filter or plunger coffee. 


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