Heavenly Coffees offers, as an added service, barista training at the customers premises. 

We make use of the services of a very experienced barista and barista trainer, Armie Vanucci. Armie has worked at one of South-Africa's leading coffee institutions for a number of years where she trained many baristas and also headed up their training department.

She is incredibly passionate about coffee and about training people.

Please drop us a mail at info@heavenlycoffees.com for a quotation custom made to your requirements.

Here is a summary of Armie's Experience and the training she provides:

I am a professional on-site Barista Trainer. My Coffee career started at TRUTH Coffee in Cape Town about 10 years ago. I have completed 3 SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) Courses in Barista Skills, Sensory and Manual Brew. I recently moved to Gauteng and started my own company called Coffee Queen Consulting. i Have trained more than 1000 people from all walks of the world! (color blind, deaf, autism) I believe that there is no challenge when it comes to passion! Believing! We all have obstacles, how we get over them is what makes us who we are!

Coffee and passion has no boundaries!

Life begins when your passion for coffee changes the people you teach!

The people you surround yourself with, they are magic!

Training consists of:

-Understanding equipment and grinder calibration


-Barista Flow

-Coffee: from cherry to bean


-Understanding the basics of roasting 

-Micro Texturing Milk

-Espresso based beverages

-Latte Art


  • Professional Barista Course (2 days, R 3000 pp)




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