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Combo Pack Single -Origin Medium Roast
Heavenly Coffees

Combo Pack Single -Origin Medium Roast

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This Combo Pack includes 6x250g  of the following amazing coffees.

1. St.Peter of Colombia Medium Roast - Dark chocolaty aroma. Mild fruited flavours, medium malic acidity and a creamy lingering chocolaty aftertaste.

2. St.Abuna of Ethiopia - Dried fruit notes in the aroma. Dried raisins in the flavour, mild citric acidity, hints of earth with a lingering creamy aftertaste.

3. Brasil Barbosa Gold - Nutty with hints of vanilla in aroma. Nuts in flavour with a creamy mouthfeel, mild citric acidity and a clean aftertaste. 

4. Mount Elgon

5. Kenya Blue Mountain - Bold dark chocolaty aroma. Fruity, sweet marmalade-like notes in the flavour. Medium malic acidity leaving a creamy lingering finish.

6. St.Jose -Fruited with mild cocoa powder in aroma. Full-fruited, nutty and bold with cocoa powder notes in the aftertaste. Has a mild citric acidity and a medium but bold body 


Note: Picture for illustration purposes only.

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