Ethiopian Sidamo Grade 4 Green Coffee Beans 2kg
Ethiopian Sidamo Grade 4 Green Coffee Origin Ethiopia, East Africa Region Sidamo Grade Grade 4 Type Unwashed Arabica Altitude 1,700 to 1,900 meters Varietal Heirloom varieties Harvest / Season November to January Processing Method Unwashed or dry process
R 405.00
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Brazil Santos Green Coffee Beans 2kg
 Brazil Santos Green Coffee Beans  Our Green coffee is packed and sealed  in 2kg foil bags. Origin Brazil, South America Grade Santos NY 2/3 Screen 17/18 Type Unwashed Arabica Altitude 600 – 1,000 meters Climate Tropical Varietal Brazil Santos is usually...
R 350.00
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Colombian Excelso Green Beans 2kg
Colombian Excelso Green Coffee Beans Our Green coffees are packed and sealed in 2kg foil bags Origin Colombia, South America Grade Excelso (Excelso is used as a grading term here). Excelso (Scr 15/16) coffee beans are large, but slightly smaller than...
R 498.00
Brazil Cerrado Green Beans 2kg
 Brazil Cerrado Green Coffee Beans Our green coffees are packed in 2kg foil bags.   Origin Brazil, South America Grade Cerrado Fine Cup  Type Pulped Natural Arabica Climate Tropical Processing Method Pulped Natural - in the pulped natural process, a depulper removes skin...
R 375.00
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