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Rancilio Silvia Pro
Rancilio Silvia Pro
Rancilio Silvia Pro
Heavenly Coffees

Rancilio Silvia Pro

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It is here!

The long awaited Silvia Pro has finally arrived! What a beast.


  1. Double boilers - A separate 1 litre boiler for steam means loads of steam available on demand. No more waiting for the steam to build up after pulling your shots.
  2. Double pumps  -   Each boiler has its own pump -  this ensures that you don't have a sudden pressure drop in the middle of pulling a shot, if the steam boiler suddenly requires additional water.
  3. PID Control -  The PID gives superb temperature stability. It also allows you to adjust brew and steam temperatures independently.
  4. Programmable on and off function - set how many hours from now the machine must switch on and off.
  5. Shot timer - now you can see exactly how long your shot is running.
  6. Height adjustable drip tray - allows you to place a scale under the portafilter with your cup for perfect control

Over and above these amazing features you get the legendary Silvia reliability, all steel and stainless finishing and that classic Silvia look.


1. 1kg of Coffee beans

2. Tamper

3. 600ml frothing jug

4. Milk Thermometer


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