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Coffee Machines

We offer a range of top quality coffee machines. Each machine is selected on the basis that we would love to own it ourselves. We will only sell machines that are of excellent quality and for which there is aftersales support and spares available.

There are few pleasure in life as rewarding as being able to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in your own home.

Whether you choose an automatic coffee machine that creates an amazing cup of coffee at the touch of a button or a classic manual machine you will not be disappointed with any of these options.

Automatic Bean to Cup or Classic Manual?

Automatic Machines are for the customer that

  1. Wants a great cup of coffee with no fuss or mess.
  2. Does not want to tinker & fiddle with grind settings, dosage and other variables
  3. Wants the convenience of making a great cup of coffee at the touch of a button with no skill required

Classic Manual Machines are for the customer that

  1. Enjoys chasing the ever elusive golden standard, that unbelievable espresso!
  2. Is willing to sacrifice time and effort to ,make the best cup of coffee possible
  3. Does not mind a bit of a mess (coffee grounds, maybe some milk splatter)while making that perfect cup of coffee.
  4. Will spend the time to acquire the skill and knowledge to always improve their coffee making skills and knowledge