Automatic Coffee Machines

Heavenly Coffees has partnered with Jura Espresso as we truly believe that Jura machines are the best automatic machines on the market.

They have an excellent reputation for reliability, longevity and spares availability.

Jura Espresso has been around for nearly 100 years and is the only automatic coffee machine manufacturer that makes nothing other than coffee machines. 

Heavenly Coffees is now one of the biggest retailers of Jura coffee machines in the country. We offer a unique installation service (at the home or office)for all Gauteng customers.

Benefits of Jura automatic coffee machines:

  1. Excellent quality.
  2. Swiss designed and manufactured.
  3. Unique patented P.E.P coffee brewing resulting in amazing coffee.
  4. One touch technology - press one button and your cup of coffee gets made.
  5. Consistency - your coffee always taste the same regardless of who made it.
  6. User friendly - The machines are so easy to use you never need a manual. 
  7. Easy to maintain - Daily cleaning is as easy as 1-2-3.