• Decaf Coffee deconstructed

    Decaf Coffee deconstructed
    Decaffeinated Coffee. Some people frown upon it, some downright ridicule it but decaf is a very important product. There are many people (like me) whose sleep is affected by consuming caffeine in the late afternoons or early evening. Other people are downright caffeine intolerant. In my own experience people that run down decaf have never bothered to drink good quality decaf and I have...
  • How do I select the correct coffee grinder?

    How do I select the correct coffee grinder?
    A coffee grinder may well be the single most important piece of equipment you are going to buy in your endeavours to making great coffee. An excellent grinder can often compensate for a lesser espresso machine but even the best espresso machine cannot compensate adequately for a poor quality grinder. 
  • What is happening with coffee prices & availability?

    What is happening with coffee prices & availability?
    You may well have noticed that coffee prices have recently gone up significantly. Second to that you may also have noticed that your favourite coffee is out of stock, wherever you are buying from. Having a hard time finding decaf coffee? The world of coffee is absolute turmoil at the moment. Coffee prices are being driven up by stock shortages across the world caused by...
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